Membership strength will lead us into our second century

Membership strength will lead us into our second century

During Spring Meetings of the National Executive Committee in May, it was announced that three departments achieved 100 percent of their 2018 membership goal – West Virginia, France and Mexico. And six departments achieved over 95 percent of their membership goal – Wisconsin, New Jersey, Idaho, South Carolina, Montana and Minnesota. Congratulations and thank you for helping to lead The American Legion into its second century.

The American Legion is the most influential veterans service organization in the country, however, it can’t be taken for granted that it will always be that way. Thus, we have an even greater responsibility to build our membership. Because a large American Legion Family is a strong American Legion Family.

The following are a few membership tools and resources that are available on for Legion members at every level to use when recruiting. 

Elevator pitch. Have a two- to three-minute soundbite on the importance and benefits of American Legion membership.

American Legion mobile app. Download the free Legion mobile app to sign members up on the spot.

Door hanger. Customize the Legion-branded membership door hanger to recruit potential new members at their home, even if they are not there.

Applications. Keep a few membership applications on hand at all times. And have a supply of “Why You Should Belong” and “This is The American Legion” brochures for informational or recruiting events.  Access your post’s expired members listing that can be found under the “Find Members in my Area” section on

Magazine. Every American Legion post within the United States receives three complimentary issues of The American Legion Magazine every month. Post members are encouraged to use the free magazine copies as a recruiting tool.

We can benefit from practicing these basic recruiting tips and our principles. Because it is our longtime Legionnaires who will pass on the traditions and principles of our great American Legion to the next generation of Legionnaires, who will advance that service into our second century. 

It's Family First today, tomorrow and always. And as you often have heard me say, I thank you for whatever it is that you have in heart that makes you care ... makes you care about this nation, makes you care about the American Legion Family, makes you care about our veterans, military personnel and their families. Each and every one of you are taking care of our nations families and putting them first.