Did you know?

Centennial. The number of pages on the Centennial Celebration post history platform has surpassed 3,000. Any American Legion post, no matter its age, can start a page and fill it with its history – through descriptions, timeline items, photo galleries and more. Notable members and notable accomplishments alike are encouraged.  www.legion.org/centennial

LinkedIn. The American Legion’s LinkedIn page surpassed 10,000 followers recently. The LinkedIn page provides timely and useful advice to veterans, servicemembers and their spouses who are looking for jobs, exploring career options, or need assistance with resumes and other tools. The page provides regular links to stories that feature job fair information, career advice and other topics related to employment.  www.linkedin.com/company/the-american-legion/

Social media. For details about all of the Legion’s social media pages, and other digital assets, download the Legion’s Digitial Resource Guide at  www.legion.org/publications under Media & Communications.

Weather Channel. The American Legion appeared on The Weather Channel to discuss flag etiquette during extreme inclement weather. Read more at  www.legion.org/flag.