Congress deserves recognition for Legion coin support

Congress deserves recognition for Legion coin support

The American Legion 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Act was introduced in the House and Senate on May 18, 2017. The legislation set a record for coin bills in Congress, with 385 House members (more than any other coin bill authorized in the past decade) and 75 senators signing on as co-sponsors. I thank all of you for lobbying your members to support the bill.

That kind of support for the legislation, which was signed into law Oct. 6, by President Trump, is proof of the respect members of Congress have for The American Legion. Every member of Congress who supported this bill truly deserves recognition. And the Department of Virginia is doing just that.

Virginia American Legion leadership will present the American Legion silver coin to the eight representatives still in office. The silver dollar shows on the heads side the Legion emblem surrounded by oak leaves and a lily, commemorating the Legion’s founding in Paris. The reverse side has crossed U.S. and American Legion flags under a fleur-de-lis and the dates 1919 and 2019 and the inscription 100 YEARS OF SERVICE.

The coins will be presented to the representatives either in Washington, D.C., or while they are in their congressional district.

“So many times we call on our congressional representatives for their assistance, that we felt this was one way of expressing our gratitude to them for their assistance,” said Department of Virginia Adjutant Dale Chapman. “And because The American Legion is celebrating the 100th anniversary of our existence, we want to thank the members for what they do for veterans.”

U.S. Sen. Todd Young, R-Ind., spoke to American Legion leadership during the 2017 Fall Meetings in Indianapolis about why the passage of The American Legion 100th Anniversary Coin Act was possible – because of all that The American Legion does for our nation.

“The American Legion is a critical advocate for veterans, and for promoting patriotism and service,” he said. “Legion members are instrumental in the betterment of our communities and our nation as a whole. Through your commitment, collectively and individually, to supporting and caring for our veterans, protecting our national security, promoting patriotism and American values, and providing valuable programs for our children, The American Legion reminds us of what is best about America.”

Legislation support also came from Dr. Phil Roe, R-Tenn., Ranking Member of the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs; former HVAC Ranking Member and now Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz; Rep. Kevin McCarthy; now former Sen. Joe Donnelly; Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Chairman Sen. Johnny Isakson; and Sen. Jon Tester, Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs’ Ranking Member.

The coins pay tribute to the nation’s largest veterans service organization and its impact on communities across the country. Proceeds from each sale will contribute to The American Legion’s legacy of supporting veterans, servicemembers, their families and their communities throughout our nation.

The funding will support programs that aid veterans in need, mentor children and so much more.

If you would like to purchase a coin for your representatives that supported the Legion Coin Act, visit