Our future: renewals, membership

Our future: renewals, membership

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted millions of lives across the nation. Home sheltering and social distancing requirements in nearly every state have affected the way American Legion posts do business, but they have not affected the way Legionnaires fulfill their duties to serve, as the organization’s constitutional preamble declares, “through individual obligation to community, state and nation.”

In recent weeks, we have all seen how important The American Legion is in a time of crisis. Blood drives, Buddy Checks, mask distributions, meal deliveries, school supplies for kids suddenly home-schooled by parents and hundreds of acts of gratitude to health-care workers and other unsung heroes have depended on our volunteers, as well as funds that come from membership dues.

This does not happen without an incredible membership of dedicated military veterans and their families who know what it takes to succeed in a life-and-death mission.

My sincere appreciation goes to all Legionnaires who have stepped up to serve in a myriad of ways through the crisis. And I ask that those who have not yet renewed their American Legion memberships to do so now, at this time of urgency. It will take time for our local posts to return to their normal business activities, so membership renewal is extremely important right now.

Renewals give us the privilege of keeping up our services functioning, no matter how circumstances change. While new members help us expand our outreach and allow us to serve more people who need our help.

Secure, convenient online membership renewal can be completed online at www.legion.org/renew. All honorably discharged veterans who have served since Dec. 7, 1941, are now eligible to join The American Legion and can do so safely and easily
at www.legion.org/join.