Did you know?

On The American Legion’s Training web page, www.legion.org/training, the National Internal Affairs and Membership Division has been adding and updating content for the “District Training In A Box” tab. Click on the tab and open up the “Leadership Education” folder to listen to new audio PowerPoints on Mentorship and Organizational Lifecycles, voiced by Membership Engagement Coordinator Ron Neff.  

American Legion Child Welfare Foundation (CWF) grant applications for 2021 will now be accepted. Visit  cwf-inc.org to apply.
To be considered for a 2021 CWF grant, applications must be received at American Legion National Headquarters no later than July 15.
CWF accepts funding proposals from nonprofits for projects that contribute to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual welfare of children. Grants are only given to entities that help U.S. children in a large geographic area; they are not awarded for day-to-day or special operating expenses.

Since the foundation made its first three grants in 1955, nearly $16 million has been awarded to assist the needs of children.
Donations to support CWF grants can be made at  legion.org/donate.

You can join the new American Legion Media Alliance (TALMA). Those who sign up now will receive six months free – and the opportunity to enter the contests for both this year and next year. A $15 membership fee will ensure your membership through Aug. 31, 2021. To join TALMA, please go to  legion.org/talma/join. 

The first TALMA awards contest is open to all TALMA members. Submissions will be accepted that have a valid postmarked date of May 30 or earlier. For more information about the annual contest categories, please visit www.legion.org/talma/contest.