MyLegion overview for post adjutants

One of the eight presentations during last month’s National Membership Workshop was on post adjutant’s access of materials through MyLegion provides post adjutants the ability to create membership listings, view members renewing online, search for members who have expired or are members of the department headquarters post, and chat with other officers discussing veterans issues and sharing membership ideas.

Access the presentation at Below are a few highlights from the presentation.

Member/Post Processing:

Search for American Legion members by all members, membership ID or name. In member search you can view member information, payment history (dates back to 1991), offices and commissions (national only maintains commander and adjutants positions; any updates should be directed to your department headquarters), as well as change member data or history. If there is a Y next to the member that means the member isn’t receiving mail from The American Legion, including the American Legion Magazine and membership renewals. Correct it by clicking on “edit data.” Contact Customer Service at 800-433-3318 or to remove the flag. If it’s a Paid Up For Life member with a Y, contact PUFL Subscription Specialist Jenny Altherr at to update the address.

Member data change by ID allows you to make changes to the member’s data form. Click on edit data button to open the member data form (name, address, email address, dates of service, etc.) can also mark members as deceased. All PUFL members that are undeliverable, canceled or deceased cannot be done electronically. You have to contact the PUFL specialists. Data changes are only available at the post and department level.

Members renewed online. Using the calendar button, enter the date range to view and search results. This shows members renewal date and dues to national, department, district and post. A report can be generated.

Post inquiry. This information shows what is on file at National Headquarters about your post. In February, the annual post data report is mailed to departments for distribution to post. If or when there is a change, notify your department headquarters. Updates to post information cannot be made electronically.

Process membership. Here you can process membership electronically, and renew, add new members and transfer in existing members. Please note that posts can only transfer in members whose dues are being paid. This utilizes electronic check payment methods and eliminates the need for post officers to send the national portion of the three-part membership cards and paper check to the department headquarters office. There is a seven-day processing time and $10,000 maximum batch limit. First transmittal must process before more can be submitted. This is to ensure payment information has been entered correctly.

Report Server (create reports, letters and labels)
Post reports: You can create post and squadron mailing labels by address, last paid year (reflects current year and two prior), or ZIP code to allow you to address both current and expired members.
n Post current roster: Shows members of a post who are current, and last paid two years ago.

Other rosters: Deceased, paid and headquarter transfers, PUFL undeliverable, transfer report (members who transferred in and out of your post).

Revitalization reports: This shows membership information for headquarters post members and members not renewed for the current membership year. Headquarter transfer letters and labels are available. The letter includes post number, location, address, transfer request, member ID, signature block, dues and more. 

Questions and answers:

Q: How can you update a member’s record as deceased?
A: Edit the member’s data in MyLegion as deceased. Once that is updated, no more mailings will be sent.

Q: What if something happens to the adjutant?
A: Send an email to and American Legion staff will assist.