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As a current registered user of, do you know all the member benefits available to you?

MyLegion is a free and secure website for American Legion and Sons of The American Legion members, as well as administrative officers of American Legion posts, districts and counties. Users can view their membership account on any device with web access to quickly access member benefits.

As a registered user of, you can:
- Manage profile information. You can see the information that National Headquarters has on file, such as your address, and make updates.
- Print membership card. You don’t have to wait for a new membership card to arrive in the mail. By having access to your membership record through, you can easily print a current membership card.
- Renew membership. You can renew your membership online or set up automatic membership renewal.
- View member-only discounts. American Legion members have access to veteran and military family discounts from retail to travel.
- Manage American Legion subscriptions to Dispatch, e-newsletters and The American Legion Magazine.
- Find an American Legion accredited service officer. The Service Officer Directory in provides access to accredited American Legion service officers who provide expert assistance, free of charge, to veterans and their families.
- Use the Veteran Benefit Calculator and state benefit information. Determine your eligibility for hundreds of available benefits, including a listing of veterans benefits by state.
- Get answers to frequently asked questions:
- How can I update demographics on my membership record?
- How can I print my membership card?
- How do I get my membership card when renewing online?
- How do I transfer my membership?
- When does your membership expire?
- Why did I receive a renewal notice if I have already paid? membership benefits for administrative officers:
- Fulfill and submit CPR. The Consolidated Post Report on can be continually updated throughout the reporting year and submitted electronically.
- Process membership. Administrative officers can process membership electronically, and renew or add new members, and transfer in paid existing members.
- Create post reports. You can create post and squadron mailing labels by address, last paid year (reflects current year and two prior), or ZIP code to allow you to address both current and expired members.
- View revitalization reports. This shows membership information for headquarters post members and members not renewed for the current membership year. Headquarter transfer letters and labels are available. The letter includes post number, location, address, transfer request, member ID, signature block, dues and more.
- Manage member data. Member data change by ID allows you to make changes to the member’s data form. Click on edit data button to open the member data form (name, address, email address, dates of service, etc.) can also mark members as deceased.
- View post current roster. This roster shows members of a post who are current, and who last paid two years ago.
- Search for American Legion members by all members, membership ID or name. In member search you can view member information, payment history (dates back to 1991), offices and commissions (national only maintains commander and adjutants positions; any updates should be directed to your department headquarters).