Fiduciary/crime bond insurance for posts

Fiduciary/crime bond insurance for posts

Under Article VI, Section 1 of The American Legion National By-laws, it states “All national employees and volunteers handling all American Legion monies and negotiable instruments shall be covered by fidelity/crime insurance in an adequate amount as desired by the Finance Commission and said fidelity/crime insurance policy(s) shall be approved by the National Treasurer, National Judge Advocate, and Finance Commission.”

To help meet this requirement, The American Legion has a relationship with NFP Insurance Agency to assist each department and post with a fiduciary/crime bond insurance to protect individuals and members against financial loss.

This insurance program through NFP Insurance Agency is recommended, not required, to allow American Legion members the ability to purchase fiduciary/crime bond insurance through a purchasing group provided by NFP Insurance Agency using Chubb Insurance Paper. The program was developed to assist domestic and international locations.

Download the required American Legion Scheduled Position Crime Policy application that is needed to bind coverage and the cost associated with the levels of insurance needed. All information needed to obtain this coverage through our group purchasing program is provided on the application.

To speak with a representative at NFP Insurance Agency, please contact Vice President Chris Phillips at 317-808-7262 or