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Reports in play a vital role with tracking membership. The Reports and Labels tab in the left-hand navigation menu is the primary location to create reports for membership rosters and revitalization efforts, as well as communication to post and squadron members. The reports are defined by officer position and permissions provided as a group administrator.

Return to the main group page any time by clicking Group Profile at the top of the screen.


All reports include filtering options to modify reports based on last paid year, status, deliverable status and more. Steps to create a report are to 1) set filters; 2) view report; and 3) export to another application using the export icon.    

In report view, a navigation menu allows you to go from page to page using the left and right arrow, or use the slide bar at the right.

The circle arrow icon refreshes your page, and the export icon is used to print and save reports. Reports are not saved within the report writer.

When viewing a report, you can search for a member to see if they are included. Enter a word or number and click Find. 


Mailing labels are only available for American Legion members. Labels for Sons of The American Legion members is in process.

American Legion 3x10 labels are created by selecting the group and last paid year, or multiple years. The last paid year of 2023 represents Paid Up for Life (PUFL) members who signed up and were already paid for 2022. The last paid year for PUFL members reflect the year posts are reimbursed for their PUFL allotment mailed annually. The last paid year filtering field for all reports will include 2023. To include all 2022 members, include 2023 to capture your PUFL members.

The third field sets the sort option. Designate if you want your labels sorted by last name or ZIP code. Then click View Report. 

The label display is not in a 30-sheet format. Send the data to a PDF document by selecting the export icon. PDF is the only selection that applies for labels. Open the PDF. This open tab is generally located at the lower left of your window.


To create a listing of headquarters post members, begin in Reports and Labels – Find Members in my Area. 

This report is only available to post adjutants and commanders. Currently, access to this report is not included with group administrator’s permissions. 

Find Members in my Area provides contact information for members in your state headquarters post within a designated area defined by ZIP code. Click Find Members in my Area to set parameters and create a report. 

For this report, the ZIP code must be entered first. Only ZIP codes within your group’s state are included. This report is not to be used to locate members in other departments. You can select a few ZIP codes or all; it may take a few minutes to generate the ZIP code list. Then select last paid year and View Report.

The report generates and is sorted alphabetically. It includes contact information on file at National Headquarters. This listing can be exported to save or print using the export icon.

Contact these members and invite them to transfer into your post. An invitation letter to transfer is no longer available in reports, however, this is currently in review.   


Online American Legion renewals are identified through the Member Online Renewals Report. Currently, online renewal is available for American Legion membership only. 

To begin, select your group and date range parameters. Using the small calendar icons, select the date range navigating from month to month using the left and right arrows. Click on the date in the calendar to set and View Report. 

This report provides the total count with names, member ID, date and renewal year. The amount paid displays the total amount of dues collected by the member as reported on the annual post data report. If the post dues do not cover the minimum of national plus department, online renewal will not be available and will result in an error message if the member attempts online renewal.


Current rosters include current membership minus two years, and members who have paid to your post, even if they have transferred out.  Select Post/Squadron Current Roster to begin. 

When creating a roster, the membership included will be members of your group. District and county rosters will include members assigned to their area. 

Filtering menus allow flexibility to the data included in the roster. The first field selected is Group. Using the pulldown menu, select the group and proceed to last paid year.  

Notice that last paid year 2023 is available and identifies PUFL members who signed up in 2022 and were already paid. To create a roster for paid 2022, include 2023 to capture all PUFL members. 

Status includes active and deceased. Deceased members will remain on the roster for three years based on last paid year. This allows you to include them in your current roster, if paid. Using filters, you can include or not deceased members in your report. 

The next filter is mailing status. This status lets you know if the mailing address on file is good or flagged as undeliverable. Members with undeliverable status do not receive The American Legion Magazine, renewal notices, or any mailings from National Headquarters. Contact those members to collect a valid mailing address and update it. Updating an address marked as undeliverable will remove the flag. If a member states the address on file is good, contact Customer Service at National Headquarters to remove the flag.  

After all data fields have been set, click View Report. The roster includes status, paid year, contact information, conflict, continuous years, branch of service and membership type. You can export to an Excel document. 


The most recent report is Roster Updates. This report helps identify members who have transferred in and out of your post or squadron, new members, and other updates on the member record. Start by selecting your group and date range. Then click on the calendar icons to set date parameters. Select View Report to generate and print, or save, using the export icon.


Squadron reports include Current Roster and Roster Update. Same as post reports, you can create listings based on data parameters.

The district report area also applies to county data. Only district and county administrators have access to this area to find headquarters members, create rosters, and view roster updates for all posts and squadrons in your area.


Consolidated Post Reports and Consolidated Squadron Reports are restricted to adjutants only. Commanders and assigned administrators do not have access to consolidated reports. Phase 2 of will extend access for reporting to all group administrators. If you are a commander or group administrator, your My Groups dashboard will not include the Consolidated Reports section.

There is only one open report for the reporting year. When available, you can edit an open report until finalized. Once it is finalized you can no longer edit the report and it is moved to closed. When the 2021-22 reporting is available, it will be located in Open. Completed reports will remain in closed status for reference to view, save or print.