How to access membership reports

How to access membership reports

National membership reports. The American Legion and Sons of The American Legion membership reports are online and updated daily at  

Department membership reports. Many departments publish a membership report on their website ( that includes goals and goal percentages. Preference to include members transferred from the headquarters post is dependent upon the department. Timing and data selection is a factor when reconciling membership reports. To reconcile counts on membership reports, contact your respective department headquarters.

MyLegion membership reports. Posts, squadrons, counties and districts can access membership reports in Adjutants and commanders by default have access to reports by registering a MyLegion account. 

View members roster. The “View Members” roster in MyLegion displays all current members, new members in process and paid members that have transferred out. Paid members transferring out will drop from the roster when they renew membership to where they transferred. View Members provides fields to search and export data, with an “Actions” menu to send emails. The primary focus for this roster is to manage or view member information. Search the member in View Members and click on the name to open additional membership information. Lists with more than 2,000 members must be exported to another application to view all members.  

Post/squadron current roster. In Reports/Labels the “Post/Squadron Current” roster data filters include last paid year, status (active, deceased, cancelled) and mailing status (undeliverable members do not receive renewal notices or The American Legion Magazine). The data included in this listing includes all paid members, including those who have transferred in but paid to a different post/squadron. Those who transferred out will drop. When filtering the current roster note the following:

- Group: Legion membership is included in post group and SAL membership squadron group. Group menu is determined by permissions granted. Post, district and county adjutants and commanders will have access to Legion and SAL membership.

- Last paid year: select the membership year or multiple years.

Visit and click “Help” for more information.