South Dakota shows its impact for recruiting efforts

The American Legion Department of South Dakota’s Membership & Marketing Committee has a goal to raise awareness about what the Legion does in the state for veterans, their family and the community. To support this effort, the committee created a South Dakota American Legion recruiting brochure that includes five years worth of Consolidated Post Report data. View the brochure at

“When people ask what does the South Dakota American Legion do for our communities or veterans, (Legion recruiters) can pull the brochure out,” said Travise Flisrand, the department’s Membership and Marketing Committee chairman and past department adjutant. “I think it’s important that our posts understand how the Consolidated Post Reports can be utilized for the benefit of telling your communities what they’re actually doing for them. A veteran will not join an organization unless they see there is a benefit to them in some way, shape or form. And if they don’t know what The American Legion does, if they don’t hear anything in town about what The American Legion does, and they don’t see the organization as being successful or making an impact, why should they join?”

The committee also is conducting service projects that help showcase the great work that Legionnaires do across the state. These service projects are with South Dakota-based nonprofits that have a direct impact on veterans. Last July, 72 Legionnaires across the state volunteered at the DTOM 22/0 ranch that provides healing to veterans; and $180,000 was raised by posts for the Midwest Honor Flight. “One, we’re helping an organization that helps our veterans. And two, a secondary effect, we get a little bit of publicity because a lot of posts struggle with tooting their horn.”