Update department chairs through PersonifyGo

American Legion National Headquarters has been working hard to improve the reporting process by allowing departments to update department committee chairs through PersonifyGo.  

We encourage departments to keep information updated and accurate for your records and to ensure your committee chairs receive information related to their areas.

Updating department chairs

Departments are responsible for updating their own chairs in PersonifyGo. Rather than fill out and submit a separate form, departments can now make changes and updates as needed through PersonifyGo. This will reduce the number of forms department staff must submit to National Headquarters and reduce the potential for mistakes.

To update your department committees:

  • Use Committees search in PersonifyGo.
  • Search for department chairs (example: CA department chairs). 
  • Select name of committee to proceed. The Department Chairs Committee displays a listing of past, current and future chair assignments. 
  • Add a new chair by clicking on New Committee Member.
  • Enter constituent (last name, first name) position, end date (optional) and hit Save.  

Both the department and national staff will receive automatic notifications that a department officer or department committee appointment has been changed. When a member is marked deceased, all committees/offices will be ended, and their department will be alerted automatically.


For assistance with entering department chairs, please contact Libby Vickers, technical trainer, at lvickers@legion.org

Department officer reporting

Departments are to send their officer report as soon as possible after officer elections are held using the 2022 department officer report.  Please return the completed form to library@legion.org as soon as possible after your department conventions so we can ensure our records are up to date. 

In addition to submitting the officer report form, please call the National Adjutant’s office immediately following your department convention and report the name and member ID number for your department commander and National Executive Committee member. 

MyLegion.org help resources

Adjutants and commanders can access post and squadron membership information through  mylegion.org. This access is provided through your registered MyLegion account.  

Online help is located under Need Help? at the top of MyLegion.org and includes step-by-step instructions, videos and training presentations. You can learn more about registering an account, managing membership, processing online membership and generating reports with the available resources.  

National Headquarters is continually working to improve the MyLegion user experience, tools and reports.  In addition to online help, your MyLegion Support Team is available Monday through Friday. 

Call (833) 253-9995 or email mylegion@legion.org.