Our unified voice

Our unified voice

Dear Legionnaires,

There is strength in numbers and that includes membership in this great organization of ours. Membership strengthens our voice on Capitol Hill as The American Legion’s legislative advocacy efforts is to protect and enhance benefits for our veterans and their families.  

Our voice was heard last month with the Senate approving the Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring Our PACT Act – the most comprehensive toxic exposure legislation ever to pass Congress. And the president signed nine American Legion-supported legislative bills into law last month that expand veterans’ access to breast cancer screenings; strengthen oversight by VA’s Office of Inspector General to issue subpoenas in certain circumstances; and extend a program to compensate World War II veterans exposed to radiation.

The impact the Legion Family has is multiplied when our members can speak in a unified voice. This is made possible through the Legislative Action Alerts, which allows us to engage Congress with one voice and one message. The American Legion’s Legislative Division uses VoterVoice as its grassroots advocacy platform for connecting American Legion members and advocates with their members of Congress. VoterVoice allows The American Legion to contact every member of Congress on large, national campaigns as well as target specific members on key committees that pertain to The American Legion’s legislative priorities.

It is The American Legion’s voice heard on Capitol Hill that helps to pass bills that we support for our veterans and their families. Let your voice be heard on Capitol Hill by signing up for the Legion’s Legislative Action Alerts here.