Purpose of the Membership Data Form

The American Legion Member Data Form (MDF) is a multipurpose form for tracking and providing accurate information on post members. You can download the form online. With the exception of transferring members from one post to another, most MDF changes can be made through MyLegion.org.

Note: Members can be transferred online through MyLegion.org if the member is paying at the time of the transfer.

The MDF can be used to report: deceased member; continuous years; name correction; address change; war era; branch of service; telephone number; date of birth; honorary life member; email; and post transfer. 

On the MDF, always include the nine-digit member ID number, post number and department name. The signature of the authorized post officer is required at the bottom of the form. Route the parts of the MDF as follows:

Part 1-3: Mail to department headquarters

Part 4: Retain in post files

Membership transfer

Membership transfer from one post to another is handled by completing the Member Data Form. The right to transfer does not include the right to be accepted by any post. Members still must vote upon acceptance of the applicant. Being the member of more than one post at one time is a violation of the American Legion Constitution. Formal transfer is the only method of transferring from one post to another so continuity of Legion membership is available to members in good standing.

IMPORTANT! Always ask prospective members if they currently are or have been members. If the veteran has a current or previous nine-digit member ID number, it should be reported on the transfer request and dues card forwarded to the department.

Many members who change posts start paying dues in the new post without the formality of an official transfer. This can result in a duplicate membership record entered in the database. Such transfers risk the member losing his or her continuous membership record. The member will also likely receive renewal notices from National Headquarters asking for dues to be paid to both the former and current posts.