'Have you done your Buddy Checks lately?'

'Have you done your Buddy Checks lately?'

American Legion Department of Oklahoma Commander Brett Martin recently sent out an email to members department wide with the subject line: Have you done your buddy checks lately?

In the body of the email below a heart with the Legion Family brand marks, Martin wrote: “Team Oklahoma, I am asking every Veteran to make one phone call and check on one Veteran. The call you make could be life changing! Do it today.”

From there, Oklahoma Legion Family members watched a video of Martin tying Buddy Checks to saving the life of a veteran by being the one.

“Be the One to listen to a veteran when they need to talk. Be the One to reach out and be there when they need someone to lean on. And Be the One to show that you truly care, love and support our precious commodity of veterans. If not now, when? If not you, who? Be the One to save someone.”

Martin said he sent the email to members becuase “When we served on active duty is was the unspoken that you knew the person to your right or left of you always had your back, truly a band of brother and sisters. It should be the same now as veterans and the Buddy Check is the way we can and must play this forward and show our love and support by doing Buddy Checks."