Lock in a three-year membership

Lock in a three-year membership

More than 8,000 American Legion members have taken advantage of the new multiyear membership option for renewals and new joins. Ready to lock-in a three year membership before the national per-capita dues increase goes into effect? It’s easy. Here’s how:

- For renewals, visit legion.org/renew and select the three-year membership option.

- For new joins, visit legion.org/join and select the three-year membership option. 

“We have wanted this multiyear option for our members, and now that it’s here, the excitement for it shows in the number of Legionnaires who have taken advantage of it,” National Membership & Post Activities Committee Chairman Matt Jabaut said. “The multiyear membership option saves members from receiving renewal notices every year, and it’s another great benefit to being an American Legion member.”

The American Legion’s national per-capita dues will increase from $18.50 to $23.50 starting with the 2025 membership year. The $5 increase will go into effect July 1, 2024.

Reminders about multiyear membership:

- Multiyear membership sign-up is only available on the national American Legion website (legion.org/renew and legion.org/join). Current or potential members cannot renew or join for a three-year membership at the post level or through MyLegion.org.

- Payment for the three-year membership is upfront. 

- There is not a discounted rate with the three-year membership.

- Membership cards will still be sent annually by Legion posts. 

- Those who sign up for a multiyear membership will not receive a renewal notice during the time they have signed up for the multiyear membership.