Visit with the Legion's Medicare Advantage partner

Visit with the Legion's Medicare Advantage partner

Wellcare is the exclusive Medicare Advantage partner to The American Legion. Wellcare Medicare Advantage plans work alongside your VA coverage to give you more of the things you both want and deserve. More access. More benefits. More support. With clear answers to every question you may ask, and a willingness to help in any way we can. It’s more of everything you need with no extra costs.

Happy Independence Day, Legionnaires! As we gather to celebrate the birth of our nation this Independence Day, let us reflect on the profound significance of this day and the values that have shaped our great country. The Fourth of July is not only a time for fireworks and barbecues but also a moment to honor the courage, dedication and sacrifices of the men and women who have fought for our freedom throughout history.

Remembering our heroes. Independence Day reminds us of the brave individuals who stood up against tyranny to secure the liberties we cherish today. Their legacy lives on in the spirit of patriotism and service that defines The American Legion. Let us take this opportunity to remember and pay tribute to our fallen comrades and those currently serving in the armed forces.

Meet us!

We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting booths at several department conventions (Illinois, Texas, Indiana, Connecticut, Missouri, Ohio, Washington, New York, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania) and the 105th National Convention of The American Legion in New Orleans. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to come and meet our amazing team, learn more about what we do, and discover how we can work together.

Why visit our booth?

  • Meet the team: Get to know the faces behind our organization and have your questions answered by our friendly staff.
  • Get exclusive insights: Learn about our latest projects, initiatives and how we are making a difference.
  • Network: Connect with like-minded professionals and expand your network.
  • Earn fun giveaways: Don’t miss out on our exciting giveaways and activities designed to make your visit memorable.

We can't wait to meet you! Be sure to stop by our booth and say hello. Let’s make this summer conference season unforgettable together!

Wellcare is committed to the health and safety of the communities we serve. To see how Wellcare can bring fun, engaging and educational summer activities to your local post, please reach out to