I am serving in the Army Reserve and have decided to go back to school. Can I receive federal tuition assistance and Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserve (Chapter 1606) benefits for the same class?

If you are receiving federal tuition assistance, you will not be able to use that and Chapter 1606 for the same class. It is a good idea to compare your benefits before you decide which you should use.
To be eligible for Chapter 1606, you must currently be active in the reserves and have signed up for a six-year enlistment. The rates will vary depending on full time, three-quarters time or half time. VA will issue a monthly check; in turn, you must pay your tuition.
To be eligible for federal tuition assistance, you must be on active drill status and have signed up for six years. DoD will pay up to $250 for each semester hour.
Visit your service’s local education office to learn more about either option.