Student Veterans of America is a student veterans group that coordinates a coalition of military support "chapters" at college campuses in our country and around the world. The chapters exist to provide support for student veterans who are still growing accustomed to an academic life that can sometimes differ drastically from the regimented and organized lifestyle they lived in the military. To help student veterans cope, SVA chapters provide a peer network for veterans on campus, fostering a sense of camaraderie among them and an esprit de corps that they knew and loved during their service.

SVA chapters often host activities on campus, both social and professional in nature. As an officially recognized student group by their schools, chapters serve as a touchstone for student veterans – who might be finding it difficult to relate to their college-aged peers.

As a long-time stalwart and advocate for veterans education, The American Legion is an official partner of Student Veterans of America. The Legion recognizes the need to provide support to veterans on campus and the positive impact that a population of educated veterans can have on our society. Accordingly, the Legion provides mentorship, support and a collaborative voice to Student Veterans of America.

To find a Student Veterans of America chapter on your campus, search SVA’s official chapter locator. For more information about SVA, visit the organization’s website.

Legion posts everywhere are encouraged to reach out to and engage SVA chapters by locating one near them. Legionnaires can provide valuable services to SVA members in the form of assistance with benefits processing and mentorship.