(U.S. Code, Title 10, Chapter 1607)

REAP was established in 2005 to provide education benefits to members of the Reserve components called or ordered to active duty in a time of war or national emergency, as declared by the president or Congress. Eligibility is determined by DoD and the Department of Homeland Security. REAP benefits may not be received concurrently with any other GI Bill veterans education benefit.

How much does the REAP benefit pay?

The benefit amount is based on a percentage of the Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 30) benefit for a three-year enlistment or longer. Those who serve 90 days to a year of active duty, for instance, can receive 40 percent of the active-duty rate. Those who serve at least one year but less than two on active duty can receive 60 percent. Those who were mobilized for at least two continuous years of active duty or served multiple mobilizations totaling three years or more may be eligible for 80 percent of the active-duty rate. Reservists may use the $600 Buy-Up Program to increase the benefit by up to an additional $5,400.

How many months of educational benefits are provided?

Reservists may receive 36 months of benefits at their given rate under the REAP program. They may not receive more than 48 months of benefits collectively, using other VA education programs.

What is the time frame for using the REAP benefits?

Members of the Selected Reserve who were called up and fulfilled their REAP active-duty eligibility requirements can receive benefits for up to 10 years after separation. Members must separate from the Selected Reserve, not the Individual Ready Reserve or Inactive National Guard, to maintain eligibility for the 10-year benefit period.

What education programs are covered?

All education programs under the Montgomery GI Bill are available under REAP, except national examination and testing reimbursements.

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