now offers a financial aid resource for veterans as well as active duty military servicemembers. While many opportunities are specific to a particular military branch or terms of service/operations, other military scholarships for veterans and active duty servicemembers are available across all five military branches.

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Utah Purple Heart Recipients Waiver:

Utah public institutions of higher learning are required to waive the tuition of a Utah resident admitted to an undergraduate program of study leading to a degree or certificate.

Eligibility: Veteran has received a Purple Heart as a result of military service.

Utah National Guard Education:

Currently, there are three different education benefits available to members.

1) The Montgomery GI Education Bill (requires a six-year obligation). This pays the Soldier $282.00 per month tax-free while the Soldier is in school full-time. The total amount on this benefit is $10,152.00, or 14 years to expiration after the first payment is received. This is in addition to other financial aid the Soldier may be eligible to receive.

2) Federal Tuition Assistance pays up to 75% of tuition costs. In addition, college credits may be awarded for military training.

3) Tuition waiver can be awarded to 100% tuition waiver based upon GPA while attending a state institution of higher learning. A percentage (2.5%) of all state scholarships is awarded toward this program. Utah Public colleges/universities are: College of Eastern Utah, Dixie State College, University of Utah, Salt Lake Community College, Snow College, Southern Utah University, Utah State University, Utah Valley State College, and Weber State University. 4) State Tuition Assistance Program: Soldiers may receive up to $250 per semester hour. This amount cannot exceed 100% of the tuition cost for a course. The total amount of benefits each soldier is entitled to receive will not exceed $4,500 per year.

Eligibility: Utah National Guard service member

Utah Veterans Upward Bound:

Funded by the Department of Education and sponsored by Weber State University. this program provides a valuable service by assisting veterans in obtaining admission to post- secondary schools. Instruction and tutoring are provided free of charge to veterans in math, English and basic computer applications. The services are provided to veterans in Salt Lake, Davis and Weber counties.

Eligibility: 1) Veterans whose parents have not graduated from college, 2) low income or disabled veterans.

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