The possession of these emblems or brand mark in this format does not constitute permission to reproduce them. Permission to reproduce the emblems or brand marks of The American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary and Sons of The American Legion is confined to those activities as listed in the current Post Officers Guide, quoted below:

"The American Legion emblem is fully copyrighted and patented in the name of the National Organization. The emblem is also protected by federal legislation which makes it a criminal offense to use, without formal approval of the National Organization, the patented insignia of any veterans' group chartered by Congress, one of which is The American Legion."

This restriction also applies to the American Legion brand mark.

The use of the emblem or brand mark by an individual Legionnaire is limited to the wearing of the official insignia and to the possession of authorized jewelry or merchandise bearing the insignia. Posts are confined to using the emblem or brand mark, or reproduction of the emblem or brand mark, on stationery, post publications, notices, posters or placecards, or matters of similar character used in the ordinary routine and conduct of legitimate post business. Departments are similarly limited. Any other use of the name "The American Legion" or the emblem/brand mark shall be subject to the approval of the national adjutant. If you would like to request to use the American Legion name or emblem on merchandise, please click here.

The above restrictions apply equally to the emblems of the American Legion Auxiliary and Sons of The American Legion.

I comply with the emblem use policy and copyright information.