Important: Only your department adjutant can approve and send on your name or emblem request to National Headquarters. Click here to find the contact information for your department.

1. Why do I need permission to use The American Legion name or emblem?
The name and emblem of The American Legion are registered service marks in the U.S. Trademark Office and are protected by criminal and civil enforcement provisions of federal law (18 U.S. Code S 705 and 36 U.S. Code SS 21704 and 21705). However, by authority of the National Executive Committee Spring Meetings 2018 Resolution No. 1, the national organization may grant permission to use the name and emblem in accordance with that resolution, other resolutions and U.S. trademark law.

2. When do I need permission to use The American Legion name or emblem?
The use of The American Legion name or emblem is confined to stationery, publications, notices, posters or similar correspondence items for official Legion business only. An application for permission needs to be submitted for any other merchandise intended to bear the name or emblem of The American Legion.

3. Who has the right to give permission to use The American Legion name or emblem?
The national adjutant or an appointed representative, the national Emblem Sales director, has the sole right to grant permission on behalf of the National Executive Committee. No post, county, district, state or other unit of The American Legion, and no officer or member thereof, has authority to grant the right to manufacture, reproduce or deal in items bearing the name and/or emblem of The American Legion.

4. What criteria need to be met for permission to be granted?
The design of all products must clearly identify the post, district, or department number and/or name.

5. How do I apply for permission to use The American Legion name or emblem?
To find out how to obtain permission to use The American Legion Emblem, please visit the emblem download page.

6. Where do I send the completed form?
In order for permission to be granted, your request must be submitted to your department adjutant for approval. Once approved, the department adjutant will forward your request to National Headquarters for final review.

7. How will I know if my request was approved or denied?
A letter of permission or denial will be mailed to the manufacturer as well as to the member making the request.

8. How long does this process take?
Once your department adjutant approves the request and it is received by National Headquarters, a response will be available within one business day.

9. What if I would like to reorder an item from my manufacturer?
Any permission given will be granted on a one-time basis for a given quantity. Additional orders will require new authority, and the manufacturer must not produce more items than are ordered.

10. Where can I obtain approved Legion emblem artwork files?
Provide an email address with your request, and artwork will be provided once permission is granted.

11. Are there any preapproved licensed manufacturers where I can submit my order?
The manufacturers that are licensed to use The American Legion name and/or emblem can be found on the Emblem Sales website.

Additional questions?
If you need more information, questions may be directed to The American Legion National Headquarters, Emblem Sales.

Phone: (800) 433-3318 or (317) 630-1247
Fax: (317) 630-1381
E-mail: Contact Emblem Use Staff