Hurricane Matthew moves over the Bahamas and heads towards Florida. (NOAA Hurricane Center image)

Legionnaires must also prepare for Hurricane Matthew

The American Legion strongly encourages people in the path of Hurricane Matthew, a dangerous Category Four hurricane, to evacuate and bring essential emergency supplies for at least three days. Water, non-perishable food, a battery-operated radio, flashlights and a first-aid kit are the basic requirements. A full list of disaster kit items is located on our website, or you can read it here.

As the nation’s largest veterans service organization with more than 13,000 posts, The American Legion has a foothold in communities all across the United States. American Legion posts, Auxiliary units and Sons of The American Legion squadrons play critical roles in natural disaster response and recovery.

For example, American Legion posts can assist in communities where disasters strike. American Legion facilities can serve as shelters, food distribution locations, space for emergency inoculations or child care for first-responders.

Posts in the path of Hurricane Matthew should download the National Emergency Fund brochures for reference material on what to do before, during and after a natural disaster.

The American Legion’s National Emergency Fund (NEF) helps Legionnaires, Legion posts and Sons of The American Legion recover in the immediate aftermath of disaster. Since its inception, NEF has provided more than $8 million to victims of natural disasters.

To learn how to apply for an NEF grant – up to $3,000 for individuals and up to $10,000 for posts – click here.

For more information, read the Legion’s Disaster Preparedness Guide, review the NEF materials or contact your department leadership.