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Every donated NEF dollar goes directly to help victims

One-hundred percent of every donation to The American Legion National Emergency Fund (NEF) directly helps veterans and their families recover from natural disasters, American Legion National Commander Denise Rohan said Tuesday.

Contributions to the NEF for victims of Hurricane Harvey and the floods that followed last week exceeded $100,000 since an email went out last Wednesday, she said. “We are extremely grateful for that first wave of donations, which will provide immediate cash assistance to veterans and families who have been left homeless, or whose homes have been devastated,” Rohan said. “Those who give can rest assured that their contributions are not used on advertising or administration. It all goes directly to recovery efforts. The American Legion has been conducting natural disaster relief since the 1920s. We know where money needs to be used in times of crisis – on those whose lives have been turned upside-down by tragedy.”

Rohan said more help is needed as cleanup efforts are just getting underway from Harvey and as another major storm, Hurricane Irma, is barreling toward Puerto Rico, Florida and the Gulf Coast, also as wildfires continue to destroy homes and displace veterans in the West.

American Legion National Headquarters has sent a truck loaded with relief supplies donated by the American Legion’s Department of Indiana to southern Texas for distribution there this week and will be helping veterans in need with NEF funds while on site. “We are in touch with authorities and American Legion Family members there and know what they need,” Rohan said. “That is why it’s best for folks to make a financial contribution online, in cash or by check to the National Emergency Fund, rather than try to guess what is needed and sending material goods that may not be necessary. We need to be sure we are operating as efficiently as possible and not trying to find homes for supplies that were not requested.”

Rohan said tax-deductible donations to the NEF may be made online here or by sending a check to: American Legion National Emergency Fund, P.O. Box 1954, Indianapolis, IN 46206.

“I thank everyone in The American Legion Family for doing what we do best – helping others through difficult times. That’s a good example not only of who we are and what we do, but why we are here.”