Legion Family crossed Florida to help hurricane victims

Legion Family crossed Florida to help hurricane victims

After missing the brunt of Hurricane Ian, Legion Family in Florida’s 16th District moved quickly to help their comrades.

On Oct. 8, Legion Riders and others from the 16th District delivered items collected at Post 104 in Pinellas Park to Post 25 in Lake Placid, a 300-mile round trip.

“We raised about $30,000 with cash donations and items,” said District 16 Commander Eric Nestler, who noted that he and the district’s Legion Riders chairman, Bob Ordner, “did everything to pull this thing together and get all these donations and items down there as fast as possible.”

They also collected six generators to help posts who had lost power.

“When we got there, the mighty 16th District had their own manpower and we all unloaded all of the trucks and moving trucks and trailers,” Nestler added.

In a thank-you message on the district Legion Riders’ Facebook page, leadership noted “it took an enormous amount of brainstorming, planning, putting together and then going out and actually making it happen.”