Patriotic Emblem catalog on its way

A special patriotic edition of The American Legion's Emblem Sales catalog hits mailboxes this week. According to Emblem Sales Marketing Manager Kevin Carothers, the catalog is a supplement to the annual November mailing of the main catalog and will go out to all prior customers who have purchased patriotic items from Emblem Sales in the past few years. Another supplement, focusing on Legion Baseball items, is sent in January to coaches and other staff.

One featured new product is a budget-priced outdoor flag. Flags make up a significant portion of the catalog. The American Legion is one of the world's largest sellers of American-made U.S. flags and sells them exclusively per a 2006 NEC resolution. Carothers stated that buying American-made flags from Emblem Sales enables Legionnaires and others to take advantage of "right price, right purpose." Emblem Sales offers the lowest prices on flags, and the proceeds go to Legion programs, not corporate overhead.

Emblem's Web site has also been recently updated. The home page showcases the flag category for Memorial Day, and navigating the site has been made easier by improved links. Anyone is welcome to order from the Emblem Sales Division.