Resources available for Flag Day

Resources available for Flag Day

Flag Day is Friday, June 14, and The American Legion has resources available for Legion Family members to use on social media and for community celebrations or post ceremonies.

Resources include:

- A prepared Flag Day speech available here. The speech doesn't have to be recited verbatim; members can amend it.

- A series of flag social media graphics to share on Facebook, Instagram and X. These include Voices of Our Flag, Rally Around the Flag and Know Your Code.

- “I Pledge Allegiance” comic book for elementary students that educates on why we recite the Pledge of Allegiance, what each word means and why our flag is important.

- “Our Country’s Flag” comic book for elementary students to help them understand the importance of our flag, how to show respect for the flag, and how to protect our country’s freedom. 

Visit for flag FAQs, myths, flag-folding procedures and videos, and more. 

The annual Pause for the Pledge will occur at 7 p.m. EDT.

American Legion Family members conducting Flag Day events are encouraged to share their stories and photos on Legiontown under the Rally Around the Flag section.