'Flag Rewards' program benefits posts
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'Flag Rewards' program benefits posts

American Legion Emblem Sales has announced a major opportunity for posts to earn money for their programs and activities. Posts are now invited to participate in a new “Flag Rewards” program, which is based on American flag purchases made by a post and its local community.

Participating posts can receive a 10-cent credit for each dollar spent on the purchase of American flags. The credit is good toward the future purchase of any Emblem Sales catalog item. An example would be a post receiving a $2 future credit by purchasing a $20 American flag.

Qualifying purchases include those made by the post, as well as by the post’s members, friends, neighbors, local schools and businesses that choose to sponsor the post by buying their flags from The American Legion.

The goal is to make The American Legion the primary source for communities to purchase their American flags. Posts are encouraged to spread the message that an American flag purchased from The American Legion will give a direct financial benefit to the local post and help local veterans serve their community.

But the benefits from the “Flag Rewards” program do not stop at the financial level. The program is designed to increase visibility of American Legion members in their local neighborhoods and communities, increase contact with local businesses and civic leaders, and increase membership recruiting opportunities through contact with patriotic neighbors.

To participate, post adjutants can download a registration form here and mail the form to Emblem Sales. Post sponsorship forms are also available online.