"For Which It Stands" is a DVD about the history of the flag of the United States, the significance and meaning of our flag, and respecting and caring for our flag. This program was produced by The American Legion, widely recognized throughout the country as the premiere authority on issues concerning the flag of the United States. It is intended primarily for use with students in the upper elementary and middle/junior high school grades.

In addition to a 20-minute linear video, the DVD features instructional enhancements designed to give students a rich and rewarding learning experience.

  • "George Learns The Pledge" - An animated feature explaining the meaning behind the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • "Rally 'Round The Flag" - Students ask a flag expert about specific ways to care for and respect the flag and are given the opportunity to play the "Flag Quiz" game.
  • The "Flag Timeline" activity allows students to learn more about the history of our flag and the rationale behind its design.