Visiting Arlington National Cemetery

Members of the departments of France and Hawaii visited Arlington National Cemetery on March 23, 2014, during the Washington Conference.
Department of France members John Miller, Robert Fuelling, Ron Moore and Doug Haggan, along with Department of Hawaii Sidney Ladies Auxiliary unit members Dorothy Fuelling and Elke Haggan, visited the gravesite of dream friend and Past Department of France Vice Commander at Large Robert “Bob” Conrad.
The group also witnessed the change of the guard, and went to the gravesite of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
It was stated by Elke Haggan and John Miller “that no matter how many times you visit Arlington National Cemetery you always find new places in the cemetery and learn new facts about Arlington.” This year we came across an area in the cemetery that is the rest place for many of our prominent heroes of all ranks, who served in our U.S. Armed Forces. It was a who’s who of U.S. military history in the area. We also learned that military members who made a reservation to be interned in Arlington prior to January 1968 could have a headstone of their family’s choosing. Because of dwindling space in the cemetery, it was made law that for military members who make reservations from January 1968 to present that there be only one standard headstone, white marble.