FODPAL News, February 2017

It is February 2017 and you know what means - yes, it is dues time. Please check the list below and see if you owe 2017 dues.
Alaska 2017
Philippines 2017
France 2018
Hawaii 2017
Mexico 2017
Puerto Rico 2016
China Post #1 2024
Montreal Post #1 0
Toronto Post #5 2020
Fort Pepperrell Post #9 0
Tony Matthews Post #18 0
Canada Post #20 2016
Canada Post #21 0
Canada Post #75 2017
If you owe FODPAL dues, please mail them to
Doug Haggan
5712 Riva Ridge Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46237
$40 for a department
$15 for a post

Letters of nomination for the FODPAL Certificate of Appreciation Award are now being accepted. Letters of nomination must be submitted to the FODPAL secretary at no later than May 1.
Who is Eligible
1. Legion Family member
2. Non-Legion member
3. Any division within the American Legion national organization
4. Any organization outside the American Legion Family
Criteria & Rules for the Award
1. The Individual, division or outside organization nominated for the award must have made a major contribution to the advancement of The American Legion's programs, its values and high standards.
2. A written résumé of justification is required on the individual or group that is being nominated for the award.
3. State the relationship between the nominee and The American Legion.
4. No nomination will be accepted after 1700 hrs on May 1.
5. Judging of the award will be conducted on the Tuesday before the FODPAL Spring Meeting in Indianapolis.
6. Judges shall be all past FODPAL presidents who are present on said judging day, at a mutually agreed upon location and time.
7. The announcement and presentation will take place at the annual FODPAL Breakfast at the American Legion convention.

FODPAL Internet Directory
I emailed twice last week the new FODPAL Internet Directory for you to review. I have added some more websites and Facebook pages; if your information is correct please let me know, and if your information is not correct please let know so I can fix it. If your post has a website or Facebook page and it does not appear on the attached list, please email the information so I can add it.
I really need help with the Department of Hawaii.

Eagle Scout of the Year
Applications for Eagle Scout of the Year are now being accepted at National Headquarters; applications can be found on the American Legion website. Cutoff date is April 1.

Renewal by Credit Card
Here is some GREAT news out of the National Headquarters IT Department. After several weeks of trials and tribulations, the IT Department has come up with a fix to the overseas credit card problem.
Please inform your post commanders, post adjutants and members to spread the word that renewal of American Legion membership can once again be done with a credit card from any overseas location.

National Membership Cutoff
The next membership cutoff will be the 90 percent mark on March 8. We had three departments in FODPAL that did not make the 85 percent mark; one missed it by a mere 21 members. Let us get back on track and have all six FODPALs back on top.