Call to the FODPAL Fall Meeting

FODPAL President James Settle has called for the Fall FODPAL Meeting to be held on Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2021, at 7:30 a.m. in Room 301 at National Headquarters in Indianapolis. All FODPAL officers and NEC members are expected to attend. Other FODPAL members (commanders/adjutants) attending the C&A meetings are welcome and very much encouraged to attend.

James Pisa, FODPAL Secretary


1.   Call to Order       President James Settle

2.   Salute to Colors   President James Settle

3.   Invocation           Chaplain Terry Huisman

4.   Pledge of Allegiance     President James Settle

5.   Preamble to the Constitution    President James Settle

6.   Introduction of Guests    PNVC/PFP Jim Pisa

7.Installation of New President     PNC/PFP Tony Jordan 

8.   Minutes/Special Meeting in Phoenix      Secretary PNVC/PFP Jim Pisa

9.   Treasurer's ReportTreasurer      PNC/PFP Jimmie Foster

10. Unfinished Business         Membership 

11.  New Business

Request for Funds

Appointment of the Selection Committee for the 2022 Erle Cocke Jr. Award

Appointment of the Selection Committee for the 2022 Certificate of Appreciation Award

Overseas Grave Decoration Trust Fund

International Amity Award

Any Other New Business

12. Reports from Departments        

Alaska, France, Hawaii, Mexico, Philippines, Puerto Rico, China Post 1, Canadian posts

13.  Closing Prayer     Chaplain Terry Huisman

14. Adjournment     President Hans Stockenberger