FODPAL has several awards that are presented to members, posts and departments for outstanding performance and duties to membership.

Erle Cocke Jr. Award: Named after PNC Erle Cocke Jr., this award is presented to an outstanding member of the Legion Family in good standing, for their service to the post, department, veterans and community. This annual award is made at the membership breakfast meeting at the national convention. Nominations are made through the department and submitted at the annual spring meeting for the National Executive Committee members from the FODPAL departments to select a winner.

Joseph “Joe” Craig (formerly Robert J. "Bob" Conrad) Membership Award: First named after long-standing FODPAL member, past vice commander at large of the Department of France, and past NECman of the Department of Hawaii Robert J. Conrad, this award is for highest membership at the department and post levels. Membership awards for departments and posts are determined by the department and post at the highest percentage for membership at the close of the following membership year.

Award Recipients

Robert J. “Bob” Conrad Membership Award
Department Level

2004-2005 Department of Puerto Rico
2005-2006 Department of France
2006-2007 No Record
2007-2008 Department of Mexico
2008-2009 Department of Alaska
2009-2010 Department of France
2010-2011 Department of Mexico
2011-2012 Department of Mexico
2012-2013 Department of the Philippines
2013-2014 Department of the Philippines
2014-2015 Department of Mexico
2015-2016 Department of the Philippines
2016–2017 Department of Mexico
2017–2018 Department of France
2018-2019 Department of the Philippines
2019-2020 No award presented due to worldwide pandemic
2020-2021 Department of Mexico

Robert J. “Bob” Conrad Membership Award
Post Level

2004-2005 Charles Dunn Post 75 Canada
2005-2006 Canada Post 20 Canada
2006-2007 No Record
2007-2008 Post 84 Puerto Rico
2008-2009 Chappie James Post 34 Alaska
2009-2010 Copenhagen Post 1 France
2010-2011 Cabo Rojo Post 47 Puerto Rico
2011-2012 Aurora Borealis Post 21 Alaska
2012-2013 Golfito Post 12 Mexico

Joseph “Joe” Craig Membership Award (name change)
Post Level

2013-2014 R.B. Anderson Post 44 Hawaii
2014-2015 Flanders Field Post 2 France
2015-2016 Flanders Field Post 2 France
2016-2017 George S. Patton Post 45 France
2017-2018 Ramstein Post 2 France
2019-2020 No award presented due to worldwide pandemic
2020-2021 Viggo S. Sewer Post 131 Puerto Rico

Erle Cocke Jr. Award

2002 National Convention Staff
2003 No Award Given
2004 Doug Haggan France
2005 Clarence Bacon PNC
2006 Jimmie Foster Alaska
2007 William Detweiler PNC
2008 Peggy Dettori Alaska
2009 Bruce Thiesen PNC
2010 No Award Given
2011 Dan Wheeler National Adjutant
2012 Mike Wood Mexico
2012 Ron Howko France
2012 Ernest King Alaska
2012 Bernard KY Lee
2013 Gene Franks
2014 Joseph "Joe" Craig
2015 Jaylene Wright
2016 Nate Carter
2017 Kenneth Aungst
2018 Cornelius J. "Neal" McAuliffe Sr.
2019 G. Michael Schlee
2020 No award presented due to worldwide pandemic
2021 No award presented due to worldwide pandemic