Veterans Day on the air for K6TAL

On Sunday, Nov. 11, the annual Veterans Day special event put on by American Legion Post 519, Palm Springs, Calif., will again be hosted by K6TAL, the station that operates from Post 519.

The event will operate from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. PST or until Legion festivities begin using the call sign K6TAL.

To contact Special Event Station K6TAL, tune to 7.225 MHz (+/- 5 KHz); to 14.275 MHz (+/- 5 KHz); to the 445.640 MHz - 107.2; and to 224.480 MHz - 110.9.

All hams are welcome to check into this special event, whether TALARC, CALARS or Legion members or not.

Local members are encouraged to stop by and get-on-the-air (GOTA). Music, food and entertainment are scheduled throughout the day.


Tom McLean

Area 5 Commissioner