Talk to your national commander

Want to make contact with the American Legion national commander? Turn on your HF gear for the 80m band and point your antenna to K5TAL, American Legion Post 1992 in Gautier, Miss., on Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 7 p.m. Central time (0100 UTC). National Commander Brett Reistad will be visiting Post 1992, and given a chance after dinner to make a few announcements during their regularly scheduled 80m net that evening. Reistad would be pleased to have a chance to make a few QSOs over the K5TAL station at Post 1992; he is fully supportive of TALARC and appreciates the chance to communicate directly to members over ham radio. The frequency is 3.825 MHz [+/- 5 KHz].

This is becoming something of a tradition; in 2018, then-National Commander Denise Rohan visited Post 1992 and made her own entry onto the ham waves.