Post 519 ham club sets Memorial Day activities

Plans for Post 519 Amateur Radio Club (K6TAL) Memorial Day activities include “on-the-air” radio contacts similar to those conducted over the past five years from within the American Legion post in Palm Springs, Calif.

Last year, the club made over 100 contacts with the “Big Ships” Midway, Iowa, Nimitz, Hazard and Hornet. In addition, we were privileged to contact numerous national parks, veterans’ associations, hospitals and individual veterans across the nation, as well as our Canadian neighbors in Montreal, Saskatoon and Vancouver, thanking all for their services and commitment.

The ceremonies at Post 519 will also include military tributes, presentations by honor guards and bagpipe musicians, and an in-house BBQ with entertainment from local bands. The post will be open to the public for tours, food and drink.

Please feel free to contact Tom McLean for additional information at (760) 393-1799.