Veterans Day ham special event Nov. 11

From the October TALARC newsletter:

“It’s time to start preparing for the annual special event on Veterans Day. The national headquarters station K9TAL in Indianapolis, along with K3RUQ, KI0CW, WA3DVO and likely several other TALARC stations around the country, will operate on the 1X1 Special Event Call Sign N9V – November Niner Victor – for our annual national salute to veterans on this special day during our own 100th anniversary of service. We will operate on Monday, Nov. 11, 2019, from 1300ET to 1900ET, or from 1800UTC to 0000UTC. And as always, we will have a special event certificate available to all who make contact with one of our stations calling N9V on that day. To get yours, send a self-addressed 9x12 stamped envelope to The American Legion Amateur Radio Club, c/o The American Legion, 700 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, IN 46204. Please include your approximate contact time, frequency and mode. We collect QSL cards as well and will return our own in exchange. Be sure to check the latest information related to the special event by going to K9TAL or N9V on

Help wanted! Josh, KD9DHX, is our man on staff at the Legion, but he will be traveling on assignment to cover stories for the website and magazine on Nov. 11. That leaves our station shorthanded on one of the busiest special events of the year. If you live in central Indiana or are otherwise visiting in the area and would like to lend a hand during our special event operations, we’ll surely appreciate the help. You can contact anytime to indicate availability. Even an hour or two would help.”