April 1, 2013


On Friday, March 1, I picked up Charlie Seggie, a 91 year old ham (K3JJD) and treated him to a gourmet breakfast at Rosario’s in Rosedale, Md. We then reported to the Rosedale Post 180 and set up the temporary station to work the Special Event Station (N9L) to celebrate the 94th Birthday of The American Legion. It was a cold day with quite a breeze blowing through the open picnic pavilion. We strung up the 20 meter half wave dipole up 20 feet between 2 trees. The I strung the coax up above the open ceiling rafters to the table where the radio is set up. Then I drove a ground rod into the ground and ran a green wire to the station ground. Charlie’s hands were very cold! Two weeks later, on Friday, March 15, I bought my Icom IC 746 Pro, Icom SM 20 mike and an extension speaker and set up the table to make the contact. I waited a while, then propagation turned into my favor and at 1436 UTC I made the contact to Marty Justis (W9WMJ) who I received 5-5 sometimes S-20 over 9. I was amazed how well 100 watts and a 1/2 wave 20 meter dipole could perform! I made sure that I had the antenna oriented east and west and I ran it north and south between the trees. I felt very proud to do this for my Post and that a fellow Amateur helped me! Happy Birthday comrades, & 73.

Edward Briggs KB3IKD

See photos from Post 180's event here: http://www.legion.org/hamradio/photos/214495/post-180-and-legions-94th-b...