May 14, 2013

NZ9S conducted the monthly Saturday IRLP net on the Crossroads Reflector, channel 5, on May 11, 2013. The net began on schedule at 1400 EDT (1800 UTC) and concluded at 1414 EDT (1814 UTC). There were 6 check-ins including Net Control.
W1XWX, Joe, Quinlan, Texas
AA9CA, Tom, Cortland, Illinois
K9ILG, George, Indianapolis, Indiana
Fixed stations:
W5VXI, David, Caddo Mills, Texas
KC9VWT, Terry, Indianapolis, Indiana

Net Control read the following announcements:
Net Announcements, May 11, 2013
Brochures about The American Legion Amateur Radio Club and the value of amateur radio to posts in communities in assisting with emergency communications are now available. You can request them in limited quantities by sending an email to or you can download them from the TALARC webpage at
Everyone is invited to participate in the email discussion forum available at the club webpage: Just scroll down and click on the word “forum” to enter or begin a discussion thread on any club-related topic. TALARC is always looking for your photos of post amateur radio activities to post on the website.
Any posts planning to operate an ARRL Field Day station in June are especially encouraged to send photos and a written story about your operation to TALARC.
A number of members continue to ask about emblem merchandise for the club. Some, in fact, have even sent us suggestions of pins and patches. Yes, there are TALARC items available. Find links to them on the webpage at Also while you’re there, don’t forget to download your free full-color TALARC membership certificate.
Free artwork is now available for your website or QSL card showing your membership in The American Legion Amateur Radio Club. Just email a request to
As always, special thanks extended to Dave, K9DC, for the use of the Crossroads Repeater.

Submitted by Bill, NZ9S, Net Control