January 14, 2014

HF Net report
Sat. 11 Jan. / Sun. 12 Jan. 2014
7238 KHz
NCS W3CRR, Craig

Net commenced 2200 UTC
Net terminated 2300 UTC

Under very favorable conditions, 31 stations successfully checked into this month’s 40 meter net(s). Received were generally well above S9, including that from a QRP station running 5 watts. Sessions were held on both Saturday and Sunday to accommodate a typographical error committed by me in an email announcement of an expanded net schedule. Many of the stations checking in on Sunday were “repeats” from Saturday. The nets were informal, friendly and conversational in nature.
Submitted by Craig Roberts, 14 Jan. 2014

Stations logged* were:
VA3KJI Bob, Bowmanville, ON
K8CAM/8 Craig, Xenia, OH
N8FXH Hal, Bridgeport, WV
W9GDH Greg, Cameron, WI
K5GZ Cal, Pagosa Springs, CO
WG4VSP Gordon, Roanoke, VA
K3SG Steve, Butler, PA
KE2PW Russ, Broadalbin, NY
KC9OQS John, Connorsville, IN
K9VJR Vern, Crown Point, IN
K9ULO John, Pickering, OH
KB3WFW Ahsen, Silver Spring, MD
K2XC Jim, Keesville, NY
N6VOL Bob, Jasper, MI
KB3RFY Jim, Gaines, PA
N3JFD John, Finleyville, PA
N3EDD John, St. Leonard, MD
KK5GK Tom, Henrietta, TX
KJ4SSX Joe, King William, VA
N5XDM Dene, Amherst, NY
KD8QYM Lee, Portage, OH
N4TGZ Bruce, Ashland, VA
KJ4BUX James, Elizabethton, TN
K1LRB Russ, Northfield, MA
W9DH Dave, Naperville, IL
N3EPD Anton, Port Charlotte, FL
WB0IQK Mark, Doylestown, OH
WA9BY Tom, North Aurora, IL
NB8C Chuck, Ft. Meade, FL
W8NIC Tony, Utica, MI
W8AAZ Tom, Wilmington, OH

* Several other stations attempted to check in but were not copyable.