A memorial to Revolutionary War hero Nathanael Greene sits on the Guilford Courthouse Battlefield in Greensboro, N.C.

Memorial database hits 700 entries

The American Legion’s Veterans Memorial Identification Project, released in November, has reached 700 entries. It stood at 440 in early March, showing the sharpness of the growth curve. Entries come from 45 states and six foreign countries. More than 100 entries are from North Carolina alone.

The project encourages American Legion Family members to locate, document, photograph and upload information about veterans memorials and monuments in their local areas. Sites from any war era are welcome, right up to today’s ongoing conflicts. The page is designed to easily upload photos and information via smartphones, even while at the site. This makes it easier to do multiple submissions at one time, as Legion Family and associated community groups comb an area for sites. Entries will be made public soon after review.

One goal of the database is to help defend against challenges to memorials that have religious language or symbolism. To do that, it needs to be as complete as possible. Be sure to look up the memorials already listed in your state before you start.

As the season of picnics, parades and motorcycle runs begins, a goal of 1,000 entries by the start of the 99th National Convention in Reno, Nev., in late August is certainly attainable.