Arlington, 26 other DoD cemeteries added to Veterans Legacy Memorial site

Arlington, 26 other DoD cemeteries added to Veterans Legacy Memorial site

In honor of Memorial Day, the National Cemetery Administration (NCA) has announced an expansion to the Veterans Legacy Memorial (VLM) that allows more family members of veterans to remember their loved one.

Arlington National Cemetery is one of 27 Department of Defense managed cemeteries now added to the VLM. This is an addition of 300,000 veteran pages on the platform.

“We are so excited about these DoD cemeteries coming into VLM, especially Arlington National Cemetery,” said James LaPaglia, digital services officer for the National Cemetery Administration. “I think it’s going to be huge when word starts to get out that Arlington is now part of VLM. I think we are going to see a surge in user participation. I’m really excited about it.” 

The Veterans Legacy Memorial website is the nation’s first digital platform dedicated entirely to the memory of the 4.8 million veterans interred in VA national cemeteries, VA grant-funded tribal, state and territory veteran cemeteries, DoD-managed cemeteries and two U.S. Park Service National Cemeteries. Launched in 2019, the site gives every veteran his or her own dedicated web page (currently 4.5 million veteran pages), with information such as dates of birth and death, military branch, highest rank held, conflicts in which the veteran served and significant military awards received. Visitors to VLM may submit photos and biographical summaries of a veteran’s life, along with historical documents such as award citations, letters and newspaper clippings. There are 55,000 items currently posted on veteran pages. 

Find your veterans on VLM and submit memories at

“VLM takes the memorialization experience beyond the confines of the cemetery gates and allows people to remember their veteran whether or not they can go to the cemetery or not,” LaPaglia said. “Go to VLM, try to find your veteran. That’s your opportunity to share a memory. That’s your opportunity to find a photo with your battle buddy or someone you served with.”

The following are the added DoD managed cemeteries.


·        Arlington National Cemetery

·        U.S. Soldiers' and Airmen's Home National Cemetery

·        U.S. Military Academy West Point Cemetery

·        Aberdeen Proving Ground Post Cemetery

·        Fort Moore Main Post Cemetery (Benning)

·        Fort Bragg Main Post Cemetery (Jun 2 Fort Liberty)

·        Carlisle Barracks Main Post Cemetery

·        Edgewood Arsenal Post Cemetery

·        Fort Huachuca Post Cemetery

·        Fort Knox Post Cemetery

·        Camp Lewis Post Cemetery

·        Fort Meade Post Cemetery

·        Presidio of Monterey Main Post Cemetery

·        Fort Riley Post Cemetery

·        Schofield Barracks Main Post Cemetery

·        Fort Leonard Wood Post Cemetery

·        Watervliet Arsenal Post Cemetery

·        Fort Sill Post Cemetery


·        U.S. Naval Academy Cemetery and Columbarium

·        Naval Station Great Lakes Cemetery

·        Naval Station Cuzco Beach Cemetery

·        Maine Memorial at Naval Air Station Key West

·       CAPT Ted Conaway Memorial at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth

Air Force

·        U.S. Air Force Academy Cemetery

·        Fort George Wright Cemetery

·        Francis E. Warren Air Force Base Cemetery

·        Offutt Air Force Base Cemetery