Program Goal

American Legion departments and posts are encouraged to sponsor Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Programs in cooperation with their State Police or Highway Patrol. From state to state the name of the program may vary and include such terms as Trooper Week Program, Law Enforcement Training, and State Police Youth Week.

The program provides first-hand experiences and insight into the operations of law enforcement agencies. The program also affords these highly motivated young people an opportunity to consider law enforcement as a potential career choice. Recruitment of high school students, both male and female, representing all communities and backgrounds in the state, is one goal of the program. Once these young people have been selected to attend the program, the law enforcement community is challenged to present a program that will instill an understanding and respect for law enforcement professionals and their techniques.

“Our program is not meant for couch potatoes! We physically train the cadets every morning and our class runs a 9-mile graduation run. Not bad for a 6-day program! We provide to the cadets many classes, such as SWAT, K-9, Building Search, Active Shooter, High Risk Stops, Alcohol/ Drugs, Nutrition, Americanism, Citizenship, Truth Behind the Badge, Taser, and more! During the week long program, each cadet submits a 1,500 word biography, so we will know the background of the cadet and how to help them become successful during the week.”

Sgt. Dan Palmer, Director, The American Legion Law Enforcement Career Academy, Department of Arizona

“It is a world-class program, one of which we are enormously proud - a program that has the potential to change lives. It is a serious, rigorous and intense week, including physical training, drill and ceremonies, motor vehicle and penal code instruction, emergency vehicle operations at the Consumer Reports test track, weapons training at the State Police range in Simsbury, and leadership/ obstacle course training.”

Jack Monahan, Treasurer, Department of Connecticut, and Staff Member, Connecticut State Police Youth Week


The program is available to male and female high school students who have completed their junior year of high school and are in good academic standing. They should be of good moral character and possess a desire to learn more about the law enforcement profession. Their high school should recommend students who meet these qualifications to local posts who are sponsoring the Junior Law Cadet Program.

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