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What do you think about the surge in coronavirus cases in the U.S.?



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The president was in denial and did nothing but promise it will go away.
He encouraged his cult followers not to wear a mask. They paraded around making their political statement and called the whole thing a hoax.

While Trump could just lie his way around most things and not pay a price, Covid19 is very different. He cannot lie his way past this one.

Submitted by jsmella : Aug 6, 2020 3:08pm

It is so sad to see how people with Trump Derangement Syndrome will allow their political views to get in the way of learning the facts and instead use their lack of information and political talking points to attack our President. Only those watching Propaganda cable outlets can come to this conclusion. Before making such outlandish comments please educate yourself. I am tired of being the quiet American while people attack our President with no facts.

Submitted by michaelkraemer0... : Sep 1, 2020 6:20pm


Submitted by Dave234 : Aug 6, 2020 3:49pm

I am disgusted at how many Americans will fly our flag and call themselves patriots, but when it comes to doing anything on their own to protect their fellow Americans they refuse to do so aggressively. Is it really too much of a burden to wear a mask in order to protect your neighbours, friends, and family? They celebrate veterans day, but then they throw away those sacrifices for their own personal comfort.
I view any person who refuses to wear a mask as anti-patriotic. They don't just not care about the American people, their actions are hurting both the American people (making them sick and sometimes killing them) and the economy (causing new shutdowns).
They actively endanger the people I swore to protect, so they are the new enemy.

Submitted by franke808 : Aug 6, 2020 3:50pm

The World is waiting for it to magically disappear. I hope it will disappear soon before anymore are infected or die.
Where is the hoax? Tell that to victims of this serious disease.Tell that to the doctors,nurses,EMTs.Where is the hoax? Tell that to the families that have been infected by this real disease that have suffered loss because our government did not heed the scientists warnings. History will be the judge.

Submitted by Dave234 : Aug 6, 2020 3:57pm

Yes I agree. I have never heard of such a big liar. He is following in the footsteps of Adolph Hitler. “Tell a lie big enough and long enough and everyone will believe it.” Mein Kampf.
Sending Eric Prince Blackwater thug and tell our gullible press that they U.S.Feds is Trump’s biggest lie. He cut a deal with Prince last year. No badges, no name tags, combat rifles, camouflage uniforms. Who’s he thing he’s he’s kidding? We Leagenaires better had better wise us up and speak with our troops.
Prince recruits his mercenaries worldwide. Many are Putin KBG agents.

Submitted by freedomlover : Aug 7, 2020 1:03am

I have noticed the foreigners who chime in as retired officers have not responded to the question, wish the internet only reached true Americans in the United States.

Submitted by mdgearhart : Aug 7, 2020 10:10am

A complete failure of leadership at the federal level is going to allow the increase of cases/deaths from Covid well into the fall/winter. Trump surrendered on the virus response practically in the same week he “ declared war” on the virus. Inexcusable. The man is unfit for duty.

Submitted by Sunny6262 : Aug 9, 2020 1:31pm

As long as people who feel ill continue to go out and if people refuse to wear masks when out in public, why would we not expect to see more cases.

Submitted by lillisjj53 : Aug 19, 2020 10:19am

Hydrochloroquine. Have to ask if it was such a great preventative medication for us to take when deployed and we were given months upon months supply of it to take with us, why all of a sudden is it not an effective preventative measure for the civilian populace as a preventative. No hoax, but the true percentages simply don't fit the economy and social crippling response. Something is rotten in Denmark with this entire Pandemic.

Submitted by keary.oflaherty... : Aug 26, 2020 5:27pm

The president has demonstrated he is unable and unwilling to protect America and it is disgusting that so many legion members support him.

Submitted by jimmyhstewart : Oct 21, 2020 12:23pm