How does your post strengthen America?

How does your post strengthen America?

The American Legion National Executive Committee adopted three words in 2020 to serve as a clear and accurate motto for the nation’s largest veterans service organization: “Veterans Strengthening America.” A new portfolio of media materials, including video, articles, images, pop-up displays and social media graphics is now being assembled to share with members, eligible veterans and the public what The American Legion means by the phrase.

The American Legion Media & Communications Division has added a Veterans Strengthening America category to the popular Legiontown site where members can post stories and photos of their activities. The platform is easy to use and has convenient sharing options for social media.

National Headquarters uses the platform to learn about individuals, posts, districts and departments that are strengthening the nation by serving their communities and states with uniquely effective programs and services. The roundup of examples is also a good place for local American Legion posts to find ideas about programs, services and activities that can be replicated.

National Headquarters looks to the Legiontown platform, for instance, to find examples of successful Buddy Check programs, learn about 100 Miles for Hope achievements and see local flag-respect stories and images for the Rally Around the Flag campaign, launched in 2021, to continue long into the future.

Local examples may be used in national magazine articles, web treatments, speeches and other promotions that show how The American Legion is composed of “Veterans Strengthening America.”

Visit and enter your story and photo under the category of Veterans Strengthening America, or choose another category, from Our World War II Story to Memories of Basic Training to Women Veterans and Support for Post-9/11 Veterans.