SE3-EP124 Tango Alpha Lima: "Be The One" spokesman, Dr. M. David Rudd

IN THE NEWS An update on the case of a Navy nuclear engineer and his wife who attempted to smuggle secrets about nuclear-powered warships in half-eaten PBJ sandwiches. THIS WEEK'S GUEST Jeff and Ashley are joined by Distinguished University Professor of Psychology, President Emeritus, and Director of the Rudd Institute for Veteran and Military Suicide Prevention at the University of Memphis, Dr. M. David Rudd. Dr. Rudd is also a spokesman for The American Legion "Be the One" initiative, and he talks about his own career helping veterans struggling with mental health issues and why veterans groups like The American Legion are an important part of helping them overcome psycological and emotional challenges. RAPID FIRE A story of Heroism and other Post Awards Jeff and Ashley remember their favorite episodes from last year's award-winning 9/11 series SHOW NOTES




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