American Legion opens applications for the National Legislative Council

American Legion opens applications for the National Legislative Council

For nearly a half-century, American Legion members have served on the organization’s National Legislative Council. The council is a 535-member group designated to serve as direct liaisons to every member of the U.S. Congress.

With the midterm elections a month away, The American Legion is beginning the process of rebuilding its National Legislative Council for the 118th Congress. Interested candidates may submit their applications at this webpage for their departments’ consideration. Legionnaires are encouraged to submit their applications before the Nov. 8 election. 

Approved in Resolution 45 by the National Executive Committee in 1975, the council’s aim is to “propagate an interest in a furtherance of the legislative goals of The American Legion and to serve as a medium for disseminating information and developing an understanding with our elected representatives.” Learn more about the council in this story.

Members of the Legislative Council are relied on to reinforce The American Legion's overall legislative efforts, particularly at times when immediate and personal contact with lawmakers is necessary – typically referred to as “grassroots contact.”

They routinely email, write, and/or call lawmakers and their staff regarding veterans legislation. Members should strive to visit the lawmaker’s local office at least once per month to discuss issues that will directly impact The American Legion’s legislative goals.

Members work to:

• Promote an interest in and a furtherance of The American Legion’s legislative goals.

• Serve as a liaison for disseminating information to elected lawmakers and staff.

• Develop and maintain strong working relationships with elected lawmakers and staff.

• Disseminate information on proposed and adopted veterans legislation to posts and members of the Legion within the congressional district.

Position requirements include:

• Current Legionnaire willing to work in concert with The American Legion to achieve its legislative goals.

• Experience working with public relations and/or elected officials is a plus.

• Excellent verbal and written communications skills are necessary.

• Comfortable speaking and making presentations to larger groups.

• Ability to use social media.

• Ability to represent The American Legion and veterans to various groups and organizations.

• Ownership of an email account and internet access is required.

• Personal relationship with the member of Congress to whom they are assigned, senior staffers in their office, or willingness and ability to establish relationships with them.