Focus: Legislative agenda, Legion Day

The American Legion's Legislative Agenda

At the onset of the 92nd National Convention in Milwaukee, 355 resolutions were reviewed. Upon adjournment, 245 of these resolutions were approved of which 210 had legislative intent. The Legislative Commission will review each of these resolutions during the fall NEC meeting identifying those that mandate Legislative Policy (LP) or Legislative Intent (LI). Legislative staff will then use these resolutions as the basis for efforts throughout the 112th Congress.

"The American Legion Day" Resolution

Last year, The American Legion worked closely with Senator Olympia Snowe (ME) and Representative Deborah Halvorson (IL) to pass resolutions in each chamber to recognize Sept. 16 as "The American Legion Day." The resolutions recognized our organization and its members who not only fought to protect our country, but continue to serve it long after their military service has ended. The American Legion has been working with Sen. Snowe and her staff to re-introduce an updated version of last year's resolution in time for this year's celebration. The House resolution passed in 2009 will cover the effort in 2010.