Focus: National commander's testimony

Each year at this time, the newly-elected national commander of The American Legion presents testimony before a joint session of the House and Senate Veterans' Affairs committees. His presentation is devoted to legislative priorities of our organization for the next fiscal year - in this case, fiscal 2012. In addition, members of The American Legion family from all across the country come to our nation's capitol, not only to attend the National Commander's presentation, but to visit with their elected officials to urge their support for the organization's goals. The Legislative Division is responsible for developing point papers and priority sheets to assist Legion family members to communicate their concerns to their Members of Congress. Some of the titles of these point papers include:

FY 2011 Department of Defense Budget Disabled Veteran Tax FY 2011 VA Appropriations FY 2012 VA Appropriations FY 2011 VETS Budget Request Post 9/11 GI Bill National Defense Authorization Act Flag Protection Amendment Gold Star Parents Bill

All these documents and other information are available on the new Legislative Commission Web site.